Bionic Chef Ralph Pagano

Shortly after a National Donate Life Blue Green Day event, Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano suffered an unfortunate injury in the kitchen of one of his restaurants, Naked Lunch. He was walking through his kitchen in shorts when a fryer fell and grease splattered onto the back of his legs, causing second degree burns. Luckily, his restaurant is located in the University of Miami Life Science building and his staff immediately contacted Vivex for guidance. Vivex was able to apply CYGNUS, an amniotic matrix that regenerates tissue and supports healing without adhesion or scaring, to Chef Pagano’s legs preventing scaring. Chef Pagano has described the experience as, “They put four sheets of placenta on my legs to prevent scarring…I’m a cell recipient right now. I feel bionic!” Vivex is honored to have helped Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano during this terrible accident and look forward to seeing his naked legs around campus again soon.

Celebrity Chef Ralph Pagano was the host of Pressure Cook and has appeared on episodes of Hell’s Kitchen and Iron Chef. He currently owns, operates, and is the chef at Naked Taco in Miami Beach, Florida and Naked Lunch in the University of Miami.

Chef Ralph Pagano of Naked Taco in Miami Beach, Florida had nothing but good things to say about his recent use of Cygnus Solo. Pagano was working at Naked Taco when hot oil from the fryer spilled, causing severe burns on both of his calves.

Update: Images from before and after the Cygnus Solo was applied to Pagano’s legs. He’s had nothing but positive feedback regarding the treatment and healing process. A full case study will be published in the coming months.

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