We provide a wide range of allografts used for the reconstruction of the muscular system. Our first allograft was transplanted in 1978 and the first massive intercalary allograft in 1974.To date we have supplied over 2,000,000 transplants to surgeons around the world. Massive osteoarticular allografts are cryopreserved and stored in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen. Intercalary allografts are either quick-frozen or stored in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen or are freeze-dried. Frozen and freeze-dried allografts used for reconstructive procedures of this axial skeleton as well as filling of smaller defects of bone and for arthrodesis have been supplied to surgeons on a routine basis since 1972. Skin allografts have also been distributed since that time.

We continue to develop many new allografts including a dermal matrix sheet to help heal/ regenerate chronic wounds and ulcers and demineralized bone powder for regenerating defects in bone or aid in fusion of two bones. Also, cartilage powder to help repair damaged cartilage in the knee, ankle, elbow, or shoulder and a folded iliotibial band to assist with ACL reconstruction.

All work in allografts is focused on making strides in the field of musculoskeletal regenerative medicine, with four major areas of investigation: cartilage, bone, peripheral nerve and skin. Our vision is to provide a platform that assists in the regeneration of all these tissue types in a personalized but scalable transplantation model.