DBM Plus

A DBM putty including cancellous bone chips, which may be used as a bone graft extender, a bone graft substitute, or a bone void filler in the skeletal system.

Osteoinductive & Osteoconductive
In addition to serving as an osteoconductive scaffold, the demineralized bone in DBM Plus™ contains BMPs and growth factors, which induce osteoblast proliferation.

Excellent Handling, Ready to Use
DBM Plus is pre-mixed and ready to use. It does not require preparation such as thawing or mixing. The putty is viscous, exhibits excellent handling, and can be formed freely to fit a particular void, defect, or cage.

Biocompatible and Resorbable
DBM Plus has superior biological properties to allograft bone, as the demineralization process enhances the availability of the bone morphogenic proteins inherent in the bone, thus increasing the osteoinductive potential of the graft.

FDA Approved
DBM Plus is approved by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration as a resorbable bone void filler for bony voids or defects in the skeletal system.

DBM Plus has been used to fill bony voids and defects of various sizes and forms in general orthopedic and spinal procedures.