About Us

The United States Navy established the world’s first tissue bank. Outside of the military, storage of human tissue was not common, tissues for transplantation were scarce, and the lack of professional standards and government control was uncertain.

Theodore I. Malinin, MD, a graduate of the US Naval Medical Center, recognized the need for a civilian tissue bank, and as a result founded the University of Miami Tissue Bank in Miami, Florida as the US Navy Tissue Bank curtailed its service to civilian patients.

Frozen and freeze-dried allografts are supplied to surgeons on a routine basis for reconstructive procedures of the axial skeleton, filling of smaller defects of bone, and for artherodesis.

The first massive intercalary allograft prepared by the tissue bank was transplanted..

The first massive osteoarticular allograft prepared by the bank was transplanted.

Acquiring new facilities allowed the design of an operating room suite, exclusively for the excision of tissues for transplantation.

The bank relocated to a state-of-the-art facility to accommodate a diverse group of biotech and life science organizations.

Vivex Biomedical, Inc. acquired UMTB and created the UMTB Donor Services Foundation to provide guidance and care, and to properly serve the community at hand. Since 2014, we have supplied over 2,000,000+ transplants to surgeons around the world. With ongoing research and innovation, we strive to become the leading innovator, supplying the industry with groundbreaking healthcare products.

Taking products from ideation all the way to clinical implementation.
We are constantly striving for creative treatment options and solutions to progress clinical, surgical, and therapeutic patient care by expanding industry knowledge and capability. Under the guidance of experienced and successful business professionals, we assemble the brightest minds from medical and material science industries to explore new and different ways to help others.

Creative collaborations translate into treatments for real problems. With a focus on continued innovation in next-generation biomaterials, we create a new standard in patient care by delivering groundbreaking health products to meet the needs of a diverse and rapidly growing market.

We work with services that are committed to providing care and compassion to donor families while inspiring communities to share life by donating. Partnering with others ensures that families are offered the appropriate options and support for donation, including Life Alliance, the Lions Eye Bank, Brain Bank, and Medical Examiners.

Dedicated to discovery
In collaboration with multiple partners, we are on the cutting edge of scientific development. Translating innovation into treatments for real problems further expands surgical options and limitations.

All research and development is focused on making strides in the field of musculoskeletal regenerative medicine, with four major areas of investigation: cartilage, bone, peripheral nerve and skin. Innovative vision provides a platform that assists in the regeneration of all these tissue types in a personalized but scalable transplantation model.

Connections that support
Always working closely with services that support the advancement of allograft transplantation. In addition, partnering with others ensure that families are offered the appropriate options and support for donation, including Life Alliance, the Lions Eye Bank, Brain Bank, and Medical Examiners.