Certificates and Licenses

UMTB Biomedical
UMTB Biomedical AHCA License Expires 05.21.19
UMTB Biomedical Canada Registration Expires 12.31.18
UMTB Biomedical AATB Accreditation Expires 05.07.19
UMTB Biomedical FDA Registration Expires 12.31.17
UMTB Biomedical Delaware Registration Expires 04.30.18
UMTB Biomedical California License Expires 11.17.18
UMTB Biomedical Maryland Permit Expires 6.30.18
UMTB Biomedical Illinois Registration Expires 05.01.18
UMTB Biomedical New York License Expires 07.01.18
UMTB Biomedical Oregon License Expires 03.19.18
UMTB Biomedical Louisiana License Expires 12.31.18

UMTB Donor Services Foundation (DSF)
UMTB DSF (Jacksonville) FDA Registration Expires 2.22.18
UMTB DSF AHCA License Expires 07.16.19
UMTB DSF AATB Accreditation Expires 06.28.19
UMTB DSF FDA Registration Expires 12.31.17

Outside testing facilities certifications and licenses
VRL Laboratories CLIA
VRL Laboratories FDA Expires 12.31.17

American Association Of Tissue Banks (AATB)
The American Association of Tissue Banks is the organization that sets standards, inspects facilities, and accredits tissue banks in North America. AATB trains and certifies tissue banking specialists. In crafting new federal regulations for tissue banking, the FDA has relied heavily on the expertise of the AATB. Vivex has been accredited since 1993 and is recognized for its leadership in AATB.

Vivex policy guidelines
We adhere to strict policies and procedures in all activities. Policies and procedures are written, designed, and revised to stay abreast of new developments and improved methods of donor examination and allograft development. All staff are trained in new procedures that affect their job responsibilities.

Quality assurance and quality control are central to all operations. Quality audits are regularly performed and feedback is provided to staff. The goal of all staff is to provide the highest quality and safest tissue for transplantation.